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Lets be honest - pregnancy is not as glorious and lovely as everyone likes to make it out to be. Exciting - yes. Uncomfortable and at times totally deplorable - also yes. It is true that some aches and pains in pregnancy are normal... but some are not. 

Chiropractic research is showing that a spinal adjustment may help relax the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. 

Here at Sandell Chiropractic we honour the personal choices of women and their partners regarding all their birthing and parenting options. 


Exercise has so many benefits - its UNREAL and you are UNREAL for GETTING IT DONE. So kudos to you! How annoying is it when you're committed, you're showing up, you're doing the hard yards... then you acquire an injury! Ugh! Were you aware that chiropractic has been demonstrated to decrease fatigue, improve how well your brain coordinates your muscles AND may actually improve muscle strength? Here at Sandell Chiropractic we love exercisers - you are impressive! Lets keep you exercising.



As the partner of a scaffolder I see just how demanding trades can be on the body. A regular standard day of work can leave you with numerous aches and pains. Let alone any repetitive strain or carrying injuries that just seem to accumulate. Here at Sandell Chiropractic we understand that work may be hard, but it still needs to get done. Lets work together to reduce these aches and pains. Lets help your brain coordinate your body so you can keep doing what needs to be done.


After baby - Postpartum

Firstly - you've had a baby... YOU'RE AMAZING! Whatever your birth story may be, here at Sandell Chiropractic we honour YOU! 

Dr Bec is also a trained Doula (pregnancy, birth and postpartum support person) and has been involved first hand with the demands of being a new mum! She has witnessed the toll it can take on the body physically. Chiropractic has been shown to help promote posture and reduce muscle tension. This may be useful as you adopt a forward leaning posture over your baby. 

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